Welcome to the Teffont Archaeology Project blog! Each month we hear from one of our team, who tell us a bit about themselves and their thoughts on their time at Teffont.

February 2018 - Clare

This month we get a very different perspective from Clare, whose varied role in the project still defies a name! Within her remit lies everything from ensuring there’s kitchen equipment to organising social events. She takes us through the logistics involved in maintaining the camp and feeding the archaeological workforce, as well as musing on what continues to make Teffont a special place today.

January 2018 - Mike

Our first blog of 2018 is from Mike. He writes about how working in commercial archaeology compares to excavating at Teffont and the importance of using archaeology to tell stories about the past.

December 2017 - Alyson

Alyson writes about her excavation experience at Teffont, her involvement recording the project's small finds, and the perils of undertaking field survey around hungry sheep. 


November 2017 - Jonathan

This month's blog is brought to us by Jonathan. He writes about how archaeology has changed over the years and how he became involved in the Teffont Archaeology Project, as well as offering a unique insight into the project's future potential.