Teffont Archaeology Project > Acknowledgements

The Teffont Archaeology Project is a not-for-profit organisation, run by researchers and volunteers. Its academic base is at the University of York, and fieldwork base in Teffont Evias. The project has been in existence since 2008, and came about through discussions between David Roberts (then an undergraduate at York) and Dr Richard Keatinge of Teffont Evias regarding the archaeology of the area. The project has since grown from a limited survey-based study into a full academic and community research project, including a substantial summer field school for York students and other volunteers. The project could never take place without the kindness and support of the community of Teffont, as it is not funded by a large research grant, rather by a variety of small grants from various bodies, student digging fees, and local donations. Some of the most important supporters of the project are thanked individually below, but our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has supported the project in any way.

Dr Richard Keatinge - As well as instigating the project with David, Richard has facilitated our work at every step, providing very generous support in a multitude of ways, digging on the project's summer excavations, providing a wise sounding board for ideas, and providing medical support on site.

Jasper Bacon - Jasper manages much of the land on which the project works, and has been tirelessly helpful throughout our work. Jasper undertook half of the fieldwalking (in very wintery conditions) that discovered the Roman settlement site which we have been excavating for the past two years, and has also excavated and provided metal detecting support to the project. In addition to this, Jasper has provided the project with a site office, campsite and mess hall for the summer excavation since 2010.

Simon Mabey – Simon owns key sites on which the project works, and has been very generous with permissions and facilitating access to sites, and we pleased to say continues to take a keen interest in visiting the excavations whenever they occur.

Lynette Keatinge - Lynette's support for the project from its inception has been extraordinary, and without her excellent book 'The Bounding Spring; A History of Teffont in Wiltshire', and her generosity in allowing access to her own research materials the project would be years behind in its research. Beyond this, however, Lynette's personal generosity in providing a home base for the project's smaller fieldwork activities, and providing archive facilities and other help and hospitality has been exceptional, and has won her great affection from all those project members fortunate enough to meet her.

Department of Archaeology, University of York - The department has funded LiDAR survey of the project area through its Departmental Research Fund, and also provided support in the form of equipment loans and insurance and in administrative matters.

Historic England – Historic England have lent fieldwork kit and post-excavation processing facilities to the project.

The Association for Roman Archaeology – The ARA funded post-excavation analysis of the pottery from the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

The Roman Research Trust – The RRT funded post-excavation analysis of material from the 2012 field season.

Richard Bull and Paul Busbridge - Richard and Paul have provided the project with experienced and skilled machining, as well as providing a wealth of other practical support and local insight.

Steve Roskams - Steve's academic support for the project and its members at the University of York has been invaluable, providing both practical and intellectual guidance throughout its existence. He co-directed the excavations at Teffont in 2013 and Easter 2014, lending the project his long experience in Roman archaeology.

ArcSoc (University of York Archaeology Society) - ArcSoc has had a long relationship with the project, which at one stage had taught fieldwork to four consecutive society presidents. ArcSoc also provides some funding to allow the provision of subsidised places for its members on the summer excavation.

Dave Foy, Mark Jacobs and Ed Closier – Dave, Mark and Ed have been very generous with their time and have provided the project with responsible and sophisticated metal-detecting capabilities, and some high-quality finds.

Finally, without the project's staff, students and volunteers, none of what has been achieved would have been possible. The Teffont dig community is a wonderful group, and we’re all grateful for the commitment, happiness and love you’ve brought to the project.