Welcome to the Teffont Archaeology Project

The Teffont Archaeology Project is an archaeological research project which aims to develop understanding of the heritage of the villages of Teffont Evias and Teffont Magna, in Wiltshire, England.

The project works in partnership with the local community to build stronger links with heritage, and work towards the project's academic and community research aims, which are as follows:


1. To contribute towards community and academic understandings of the general heritage of Teffont.

2. To understand anthropogenic, environmental, and geological processes acting on the landscape of Teffont.

3. To study the archaeology of Teffont through innovative fieldwork methods and inclusive interpretive discussions, and create holistic and plausible understandings based on theorised empirical fieldwork.

4. To provide high quality and positive, inclusive and interactive experience of archaeology to all participants and stakeholders in the project.

5. To produce high quality and accessible publications and archives of all fieldwork, and actively promote the value, inclusivity and relevance of heritage in Teffont's community today.